Saturday, February 6, 2010

ConFessions of My heaRT

Some times i lie to myself that i no longer miss you.
Only to fool myself,to live in an illusion.

Sometimes i miss you more than anyone else in this world.
Only to relax and say to myself i'm wrong and yes I'm a liar.

Sometimes i hate myself for being a hypocrite.
Only to convince myself that it is ok.

Sometimes i forget many things i need to do.
Only to know i'm completely obsessed with you and i have no room for anything !

Sometimes i feel life for me is only you and nothing else.
Only to understand that is true always:)

Sometimes i feel you hate me the most.
Only to calm myself hoping that feeling wont last lonG.

Sometimes i feel i'm the most selfish person.
Only to think i'm right and i'm fair to myself.


  1. Nice one... !! Full feelings and all ;) :)

  2. Thanks very much Anonymous :) hmmm ya :D

  3. powerful feelings well written in a simple words.

    great job! (^_^)

  4. One thing here i would say is - in ur poems the best part is depth of words, u say things very simply but though they mean a lot,

    Keep on rocking

    Waiting for the next.. :)

  5. @prasad thanks very much :D
    @milana and Harsh thank u for ur inspiring words(^_^)
    all credits to u, u woke a sleepin poet :P - as i said ill send a pic soon :))

  6. Nice...
    especially this one

    "Sometimes i hate myself for being a hypocrite.
    Only to convince myself that it is ok."

    ....dhairyadinda opkoltha idya

  7. Lo... nice one...!! who made u feel like this?? copyright haakko, valentines day time bere... yaradru ettakond bereyavara munde helbidthaare :)

  8. Mozart pen down his emotions :)
    Well tell who is "YOU" ???

  9. hehe, thanks for the comment :) well you is still imaginary unfortunately :)thanks for following me too !!!

  10. Good one Harsha... :) to whom is this dedicated to? :)

  11. good 1 harsh...jst lvd it......:):)so expressiv......

  12. @ashwini thanks :) dedicated to imaginary person , no real person yet.

    @amr thanks so much ya :) thanks for your comment - humbled

  13. Shall I make ur "Source of Inspiration" public? :-)

  14. Hmmmm... Harsha!!!!
    superb... but whom have u dedicated it to???

  15. your friend is so lucky to become a poem of yours.......

  16. Hey Harsha I have given comments as an anonymous does not mean it holds no value.....

    It just mean I want to appreciate but need not show my self on a screen!!

    So feel good even if it is anonymous comments......

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  18. @manjiree u can - go ahead ;) im dying to know
    @divs - thanks dear - hmm imaginary person unfortunately :(
    @anonymous - thanks for ur kind words - i wud appreciate if u comment with ur identity :)

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  20. Hi Harsha,

    Too good. Straight from the heart.

  21. Good man..... wonderful framing....

  22. Wonderful!! Simple & Honest :)