Friday, July 2, 2010

Android Apps

I am making a list of useful,clean and cool apps that i use.Please suggest if you have better apps to do similar tasks :)
Please bear with me as I use Xperia X10 which sill runs 1.6 :( if the app is not available for you

Ill be adding Apps to the same thread instead of having separate entries every time I add new ones.

Basic Apps : Apps that you use to in day to day activities

Handcent SMS : Has good UI and choice to choose from many styles.

APNDroid : to turn on/off Data on the go.

NetCounter : to know how much data you have used.

Gesture Search : Killer app from google, simply amazing. Lets you search almost anything on your phone with gestures.

OperaMini : Really nice browser, loads pages very fast because its servers reformats it to the phone you are using.

DocumentsToGo : Very nice document viewer. Supports .doc, .xls , .ppt, .pdf viewing. Paid version allows editing also(except .pdf)

AstridTask : My personal favorite. Lets you keep track of your tasks , gives reminders, prioritize, postponing tasks and many useful functionalities.

appInstaller : Lets you install third party apps (apps not from market)

BarcodeScanner : Usually used to read QR codes. Can read 1d and 2d Barcodes. Has option to do book and product search.

Ebook Reader Apps : Apps that allows you download and read Ebooks

Aldiko: It is a good ebook reader. Allows you to download , read and import books also (EPUB format)

Laputa: Similar to aldiko, had more books that can be downloaded.

Kindle for Android: Well known product from Amazon. Huge book library from where books can be downloaded.

Media Apps: Apps used for audio and video media

DoubleTwist: It is like iTunes for Android, has a PC/MAC application where you can sync media to an android device. Gives option to automatically mount SD card when connected to computer.Allows you to listen to podcasts too. Well designed UI is a big plus. Support only codecs supported by your device.

TuneWiki: Wonderful app, distinguishing feature is it can connect to internet and display lyrics for songs for which lyrics are available. Download album art. Also searches for video of the song being played on youtube. Support only codecs supported by your device.

Ringdroid: Allows you to cut ,copy and merge different mp3 files.

RockPlayer: It plays mkv, avi, rmvb, flv, mp4, wmv, 3gp, mov, asf, divx, xvid, h.264 and rv40. Awesome app , do check it out

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