Thursday, December 17, 2009

Microsoft - a year that was ....

It has been sometime since my last blog, if you don't know i am a die hard fan of Google (not just bcoz most of its products are free) but coz of really fast, innovative products that utilize the power of web and help in transforming our lives.

With that in mind , I jot down what the year 2009 was for Microsoft ; with failure of Vista and Windows search really not doing well it was not the start MS desired , so MS had to invent (not discover) what it lacked these days.

Eureka ! came Bing, the Microsoft search which made lot of news on arrival, MS invested a lot in publicizing the Bing which helped a lot. The Bing was first taste of real success for MS, which was also recognized by Google, which allotted people to study Bing.Also the search deal with Yahoo! added to Bing's growth. The deal made Bing the common platform for both Bing and Yahoo search. With Google being the dominant search player, it was a welcome move for both Yahoo and MS. It also gives more choice to user in a monopolized search world.

Then came Windows 7 in October which is here primarily to wash away the 'sins' of Vista.Also Office 2010 was spoken about mainly because of its web editing that enables collaboration ( like Google Docs). All n all it has been a good year for MS compared to last one.

As a footnote what we can read from it is MS is trying to catch up faster than before. It has always been a late entry Eg. Zune (Ipod), Bing (Google Search), WebOffice (Google Docs), MS Mobile Apps- yet to be out (Apple Apps) ; (do comment if i have missed any). But has a clear advantage in sectors like .Net Framework for mobile( against Android Platform) - 46% people opt for MS .Net (Source : Technology News )

Source : Mashable and Technology News

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