Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ghatikallu - Some pictures

I took this picture at Ghatikallu, an awesome place. For more details about the place visit their website . I am not a great photographer or something , but want to pursue it as a hobby :)

You can download original files from here (file size : 6.43 MB) and use them as wallpapers !!


  1. The place and all is fine... but organizing the trip by the home stay guys is worst.. the bed rooms are so dirty. they didn't even wash the bed sheets. they were having all sorts of stains on them. the bathrooms are very bad. you get only mud water in the bath rooms.. and the food and service is very bad. the staff is not polite and indecent. we were a group of 8 from hyderabad and we thought of returning as soon as we reached there. we were charged 2800 per head + 1000 for rafting(mud water rafting not white water) where as some bangalore guys were charged 1900 + 1000 per head. when we asked the owner of the home stay Mr.Gurudev, he threatened us to pay the money and then only allowed us to leave the place.. Their website is a total shit.. don't go by their website.

  2. hey...
    We are planning to go from bangalore.. so what is your final word to go or not..please suggest and also.. we are looking for white water rafting so can you suggest the best place you are aware of...